Amber Valley Borough Council slow to react

16 Dec

A few weeks ago I reported to AVBC that our second (being the first replacement) inner caddy to the recycling bin had been damaged by the operatives who empty it. I dare say the contributory factors are rough handling or them running around the streets to meet their time targets or the bin is not fit for purpose.

Weeks have passed and all that I have received from AVBC is the, auto do not reply response email informing me that they have received my notification.  No replacement was sent.

Today 16th Dec 2014 our recycling bin was emptied at approximately 07.00.

When I went to the top of our drive approximately 07.50 to collect our bin on looking inside I found the inner caddy, this being the one that I reported damaged has now become more damaged to the point of it being dangerous to handle as you will see by the photographs.

I have reported this again this morning and had the same auto reply.

On many occasions of which I have reported situations even to the point of being a nuisance they are (in my opinion) slow to act especially when it comes to cleanliness, health and disease on our streets which could seriously affect the children in the area.

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Pretty woodland walk suffers

24 Aug

Irresponsible, don’t give a damn dog owners walking from the village through the woodland walk up to and beyond Ingleborough Cave didn’t pick up the poop (s**t) of their brown spaniel dog after I told the owner. He said “I don’t have a bag” and walked off. His dog was one of many that were not on leads after passing at least 3 signs stating that ‘Dogs must be on leads’ at

HEANOR MEMORIAL PARK in need of clean up

6 Aug

On Monday 4th August we along with our grandchildren attended the event ‘IN THE PARK’

arranged and conducted by the
It was a family event as the notice points out.

During our time in the park we were restricted by choice to our movements due to dog faeces in many areas.
That afternoon I reported the situation to relevant authorities, being

The following paragraph is from their web site
If you wish to make a complaint regarding dog fouling, please contact the helpline or submit the form below. We aim to respond to your complaint within 7 working days which will include patrols and erecting signage where appropriate.”

So; it’s more than likely that more poop will be added to the existing poop if  it takes the 7 working days.

Which would then mean that Heanor Memorial Park could be a health hazard for the weekend

Today Wednesday 6th August I decided to take a walk armed with camera!

There were 19 of different deposits in different areas, I didn’t have to look hard, mainly on the grassy areas where children are encouraged to play, and picnics to be had.

Whilst on my 15 minute walk I saw many people walking dogs, not 1 person in the park apart from me was without a dog.
What does this say about our local park?
It tells me that our park is a haven for dog walkers, where dogs can be let off the lead, wander at will and drop their faeces just where they like.

Maybe if the council placed a notice/signage at all entrances stating all dogs must be on leads and remain on the pathways with owners/walkers the walkers would be more inclined to be more responsible.

I guess the mess would be cleared when the grass gets cut, which doesn’t bear thinking about.

The message to pick it up is definitely not getting through and park users are suffering for it.
I hope the events in Shipley Country Park and Charles Hill Sports Complex are cleaner venues!

Frankie and Benny’s continued

7 Jul

Last blog entry: 29/06/14 19:15

Here we are 8 days on 07/07/2014 and the management lack sincerity and customer care.

I have as yet had no response from my last post with regard to Frankie and Benny’s New York Italian restaurant

Quite frankly in my opinion F&B are losing sight of what they are about with regard to customer quality of service.
They are in need of a reality check and more focus on customer satisfaction rather than quick profiteering.

Frankie and Benny’s management slow to follow up

29 Jun

Follow up from last post from a customer service team member at Frankie and Benny’s

From: Frankie and Benny’s Guest Feedback
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2014 2:22 PM
To: d………mail.
Subject: Twitter

Hi There,

Thank you for your message regarding your recent visit to our restaurant
The Area Manager of the branch would like to send you a formal response and a gesture of goodwill

Please provide us with your full name and postal address in order for us to do so

Many Thanks,

Customer Service Team


Below is my response sent the same day >>>>>>>>

Hello Ellin

Many thanks for your message and the offer of a gesture of goodwill.
With respect I will turn down the personal goodwill offer, on the grounds that it is not my way of rectification or appeasement.
However it would be most acceptable if you care to make a donation to charity on my behalf.

It does seem that my complaint and postings hit the mark, unfortunately the wrong people/staff at F&B are trying to make up the ground for others. Not very sincere!

Below you will see a tweet from F&B asking if I had spoken to the manager.
The manager had he/she been interested or concerned would have made the effort to come to our table and make themselves known in order to discuss my dissatisfaction and nip the situation in the bud. I do not jump up and down arguing and shouting demands.
Maybe my comments were not strong enough for the waitress to mention them to the manager. I would have thought any negative comment from a customer would have been in the interest of a dedicated manager?
She did however say to me that she would have a word with the ‘chef’.

The Area Manager of the branch would like to send you a formal response and a gesture of goodwill

Neither am I interested in receiving a generic formal letter from the ‘Area Manger’.

With respect (also to you Ellin) the wrong person is making contact.

If the ‘Area Manager’ wanted my details why has he/she not made the request, obviously F&B have staff to carry out their messaging, then trigger staff to finalise and close the situation, job done as far as F&B are concerned. That may not be the case but that’s the impression that comes over.

Business is difficult, to lose site of customer care and quality service when the purpose of the business is to please the customer, then a price has to be paid.

If by any chance I am informed of a donation being made to charity, I will make comment on twitter and my blog re your recognition of my complaint.

Kind regards



Here we are today 29/06/14 19:15 and to date 4 days later and the manager is obviously too busy to apply fingers to keypad to make direct contact.
Speaks volumes how interested he/she is to resolve customer dissatisfaction, guess this is what happens when you get above yourself.
Wonder what the chairman of the group would think? We’ll send this and see what happens

This next paragraph is taken from their main website

We’d love to hear from you. Whether it’s a comment about how much you love Frankie & Bennys, or you’ve had an experience which you’re unhappy about, our priority is having satisfied customers. Please see our FAQs where most of your queries will be answered or, alternatively, use the other options.

Continue to watch this space…

Frankie & Benny bring shame on the Italian menu

22 Jun

Far from recommending this place

My wife had the cocktail £5.45 ‘Pineapple Mai Tai’ as you can see from the photo it is far from elegant, it was served in a heavy glass with the words half pint etched in, why it had an orange complete with pips on the top of the glass when it was a pineapple cocktail with hint of lime is beyond me. Presentation 0 out of 10

My smoked salmon with spaghetti was not nice. Some of the pasta was hard uncooked and the rest had been cooked far too long and was too soft and mushy. Imagine some dried pasta placed in the boil with some left over from the last serving, the left over now overcooked but the dried had not caught up with it, therefore still hard.
On plate collection with most of my pasta left, I told the waitress who in turn said she would have a word with the “chef” but I received no feedback, I guess it was all in a days work for them………..What is it all coming to?!!!! COMPLACENCY?

My wife finished with a cappuccino and I finished with an ice cream which was nice, albeit ordered at the same time as the cappuccino it didn’t arrive for 10 minutes after my wife received her coffee.
They certainly wasn’t busy which could be an excuse as there was, at a guess no more than 10 people in

When the bill was presented I was asked to review/rate my experience on trip advisor, so how will this visit go down?


To leave on a good note.
We have been to other F&B restaurants and been quite satisfied, we don’t expect fine dining at these establishments but we do expect value and quality to the level of what we pay.
We also left a tip which we feel is a decent thing to do being aware of low paid employees. It’s just what we do!

Nuisance Cats

19 Jun

It disappoints me that here I am writing about our domestic friends once again, previous posts have been about dog owners this one is about cats and their owners.
We live on a normal street in a normal area surrounded by decent people who all get on quite well together.
Over the years we have developed our garden to be easily maintained with colour all through the year giving consideration of the area being a safe place to play for our two little granddaughters.

We now appear to be having more and more visits from cats which is having an unwanted impact on our garden and lawn, thus impacting not only on us but the play area of our granddaughters.
I would like to work and walk in our garden without flicking, troweling or treading in cat faeces. I know it’s not from a fox, badger, squirrel, hedgehog or anything else.
Today I have had the misfortune of treading in a dollop of the stuff that had been dropped in the middle of our lawn, it stunk awful, as I cleared it up it became worse to the point of me almost being sick.
Had one of my granddaughters stepped or slipped on it……Well it doesn’t bear thinking about. It is because if this problem that my granddaughters are not able to play in the garden for two or three days after, the problem is worse if you are not aware of it and you come to cut the lawn, the lawn mower throws it around not to mention the mess the lawn mower gets in.


Sadly today’s events have changed things, in that I have now declared WAR on any feline that places it’s delicate little paw on our property.
In order to deter cats from visiting our property it will now be on the receiving end of many different offences which will certainly be very un-pleasurable for the cat.
Our property is not a toilet for any cat to dig in our borders or drop it’s crap on our lawn or spray our walls, flowers and cars without consequences.
Hard lessons are afoot for those cats that dare to venture.

There is one way for our feline friends to enjoy their lives, but this will require some responsible action from their owners, broadly speaking if you love your animal and want to keep it safe then……….….KEEP IT ON YOUR PROPERTY!
Our property is not for sharing with your cat.



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