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15 Jul

Heanor Memorial Park and Dog Poop

29 Apr

This is Heanor Memorial Park, Derbyshire.  Under the control of

Today Wednesday 29 Apr. 15 I had a walk around the park only to find an abundance of dog poop.  This problem does not appear to be being dealt with effectively since I made a report in July 2013 after attending a function in the park which was arranged by the local police.

I have frequently in the past reported dog faeces on pavements in various places and near to nursery, infant and junior schools to the relevant department at the council.

The time delay from the report being made to the time of it being cleaned up (could be 7 working days) I find unacceptable and defeats the object.  Therefore I have given up, but for this entry.

Flying in the park as you can see in the photographs is the green flag awarded for 2014/2015.  I guess now the flag is flying they have no need to keep areas clean?

IMG_6491 IMG_6494 IMG_6495

Taxi Rank?

29 Apr

Looking at the shots of the pedestrian crossing in Heanor today 29th April 2015, ‘Nat – a – Jack’ Peugeot taxi SF61 LNU was causing all-sorts of problems for other vehicles and pedestrians, it didn’t help with the Vauxhall car AM58 RMZ parked opposite halfway on the footpath.
I often wonder if taxies have a dispensation that allows them to park anywhere even dangerously, discourteously, without consideration for others at traffic lights, on double yellow lines or on zig zag lining.
The first photograph was taken at 10:11:47 as you can see the passenger getting out unaided.
The final shot at the lights was taken at 10:21:34. Waiting for the passenger to return.
The taxi was parked there with hazard lights flashing only seconds short of 10 minutes only to pull up on the next junction to have a chat as you can see, yet again on double yellow lines, so close to the main road that the rear off side of the taxi was encroaching onto the main road leading down to the Tesco Island.

Is this acceptable?

IMG_6472 IMG_6473 IMG_6474 IMG_6475 IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6479 IMG_6481 IMG_6482 IMG_6483

Amber Valley Borough Council slow to react

16 Dec

A few weeks ago I reported to AVBC that our second (being the first replacement) inner caddy to the recycling bin had been damaged by the operatives who empty it. I dare say the contributory factors are rough handling or them running around the streets to meet their time targets or the bin is not fit for purpose.

Weeks have passed and all that I have received from AVBC is the, auto do not reply response email informing me that they have received my notification.  No replacement was sent.

Today 16th Dec 2014 our recycling bin was emptied at approximately 07.00.

When I went to the top of our drive approximately 07.50 to collect our bin on looking inside I found the inner caddy, this being the one that I reported damaged has now become more damaged to the point of it being dangerous to handle as you will see by the photographs.

I have reported this again this morning and had the same auto reply.

On many occasions of which I have reported situations even to the point of being a nuisance they are (in my opinion) slow to act especially when it comes to cleanliness, health and disease on our streets which could seriously affect the children in the area.

20141216_091521_resized 20141216_091457_resized 20141216_091550 20141216_091539_resized

Pretty woodland walk suffers

24 Aug

Irresponsible, don’t give a damn dog owners walking from the village through the woodland walk up to and beyond Ingleborough Cave didn’t pick up the poop (s**t) of their brown spaniel dog after I told the owner. He said “I don’t have a bag” and walked off. His dog was one of many that were not on leads after passing at least 3 signs stating that ‘Dogs must be on leads’ at

HEANOR MEMORIAL PARK in need of clean up

6 Aug

On Monday 4th August we along with our grandchildren attended the event ‘IN THE PARK’

arranged and conducted by the
It was a family event as the notice points out.

During our time in the park we were restricted by choice to our movements due to dog faeces in many areas.
That afternoon I reported the situation to relevant authorities, being

The following paragraph is from their web site
If you wish to make a complaint regarding dog fouling, please contact the helpline or submit the form below. We aim to respond to your complaint within 7 working days which will include patrols and erecting signage where appropriate.”

So; it’s more than likely that more poop will be added to the existing poop if  it takes the 7 working days.

Which would then mean that Heanor Memorial Park could be a health hazard for the weekend

Today Wednesday 6th August I decided to take a walk armed with camera!

There were 19 of different deposits in different areas, I didn’t have to look hard, mainly on the grassy areas where children are encouraged to play, and picnics to be had.

Whilst on my 15 minute walk I saw many people walking dogs, not 1 person in the park apart from me was without a dog.
What does this say about our local park?
It tells me that our park is a haven for dog walkers, where dogs can be let off the lead, wander at will and drop their faeces just where they like.

Maybe if the council placed a notice/signage at all entrances stating all dogs must be on leads and remain on the pathways with owners/walkers the walkers would be more inclined to be more responsible.

I guess the mess would be cleared when the grass gets cut, which doesn’t bear thinking about.

The message to pick it up is definitely not getting through and park users are suffering for it.
I hope the events in Shipley Country Park and Charles Hill Sports Complex are cleaner venues!

Frankie and Benny’s continued

7 Jul

Last blog entry: 29/06/14 19:15

Here we are 8 days on 07/07/2014 and the management lack sincerity and customer care.

I have as yet had no response from my last post with regard to Frankie and Benny’s New York Italian restaurant

Quite frankly in my opinion F&B are losing sight of what they are about with regard to customer quality of service.
They are in need of a reality check and more focus on customer satisfaction rather than quick profiteering.


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